Crystal Water is a Jordanian developing brand name, with a focus on the Jordanian market needs and requirements, we at Crystal we strive to provide the customer with high quality pure water, we provide for families healthy knowledge and data required for their day to day life, as we all know water is essential for our living and hydration needs and as per international studies each person per capita consumption of drinking water in Jordan (as per our regional climate) should exceed 2 liters in winter and 3 liters in summer, this is required to maintain the balance of our body fluids and essential to our health and daily dehydration we lose during the day. So at Crystal water our main target is to make sure everybody in Jordan understand this and make sure they never forget about drinking their daily share of water, we will make sure to educate people about drinking water and understanding the need behind it, we will also focus on children, as they have a higher risk of being sick compared to adults also losing their water fluids will be risky, so we will focus our communication to mothers and kids and make sure they understand and drink more water every day.
Crystal water also provide a commitment for the community where we come from, Jordan is our country and we all know the scarce resources of water in our country, so we will also be making sure to educate the consumer on the correct use of water and to reduce the water wastage created by home filters which we think it is helpful, home based water filters consume much water than any other water cleaning system and would waste away many liters to get you a filtered 1 liter to drink. We also come from the local market of Jordan and we then strive to pay back to our community, accordingly we will be using local expertise and employees in our factory and our distribution channel to ensure we reach you in house, office, restaurant, company, school, University and everywhere to make sure you get the best water for you and your family, our commitment doesn’t only come from employing from the local community but also by paying back to the community and showing responsibility to the commute we live in, Crystal is conducting many local activities to engage in the local community where we operate.

Our Mission

To serve our customers with the highest quality and pure drinking water and increase the awareness for their health and the people they beloved

Our Vision

Being one of Leading bottled water providers in Jordan and ensure we grow in our image, brand equity, preference to customer, distribution and servicing clients everywhere they are located.

Our Goals